Back to School Party

Pull up your school socks. Straighten your tie. Stop chewing your gum. And pay attention.

On 24th May from 7 pm till 12 am you’re going Back to School at Ocean. For one night only you’ll be dressing up in your finest uniform for school games, school dinners, and for those of you over the age of 18 in 6th form – £1 gets you a pint of Devon Coast beer.

There’ll also be a disco of 80s and 90s classics for you to dance to.

PLUS, we’re pleased to announce our special guest Timmy Mallett from Wacaday and Bombalurina will be there on the night.

Tickets are £17.50 and can be purchased by calling 01395 262488 or booking online here. 

Now sit up straight and behave!

Please note – this is an adult only event.